What Will Your Puppy Learn?

This is jam packed Peaceful Puppy course, to help you get life with your puppy of on the right paw. This course will teach your puppy more then just their basic obedience, they will learn valuable life skills to help them live in your human world, they will learn to focus and listen to your every word, as well as super fun tricks along the way. This Course covers all your puppy needs and struggles, and all of this using fun and games. You will also learn to understand your puppy, how they communicate and how to control and manage them.

This course is detailed with both written and video instructions so you can learn whatever way suits you. Also there is no stress to complete this course by a certain time as this is available for life.

Though this course is focused on puppy training, it's never to late to train your dog. So whether you got a rescue who needs training or an older dog who could freshen up or advance on their training, either way this course will suit dogs of all ages.

So What are you waiting for, get joining and get training, because after all, your dog will only learn what you teach them.

Hi, I’m Sarah Ward IMDT, PPG

Six years ago, I was a clueless dog owner who thought that I was doing everything right. I had successfully trained my dog, Theia, in her basic obedience and leash manners and thought I had this dog training thing all figured out. That was until she became a cheeky stubborn adolescent, who slowly developed behaviours that caused her stress, fear, and frustration. At the time I made excuse like; it’s her age, it’s her breed, because she is female, even blaming other dogs and owners. I would later learn the harsh truth that it was because of ME! The mistakes I made and lack of training that she needed from me, was a tough pill to swallow.

Gaining knowledge on dog training, canine behaviour and Phycology, I decided to get my dog trainer qualification and have made it my mission to help dog owners fix their mistake as I did and help new puppy owners to prevent making those same mistakes.

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Boo & Buzz

We hired Sarah for training our two pups and found it brilliant. She massively helped us with lead training, reaction training and separation anxiety. The lads adore her and her knowledge and follow-up information is brilliant. Couldn't recommend Sarah more.



Our cockapoo puppy Tosh has learnt how to stop jumping up, the difference between jumping on and off the sofa and how to walk properly on the lead, all thanks to Sarah’s easy to follow tips and tricks! Tosh no longer cries when we leave her in a room and it’s easy peasy getting her lead on her now. I would strongly recommend Peace and Paws to get your dog behaving like a member of the family!



Sarah is an amazing trainer. Our Boxer x, Eddie is a big energetic puppy and after only 4 weeks of the puppy course he's a different dog. More relaxed, content in himself and the bond between us is now unbreakable. Give her a call, you won't regret it.