What Can We Do For You

Do you have a new puppy and don't know were to start your dog training?

 Let us help.

Peace and Paws is a Premium Dog Training service based in North Dublin. Our mission is to rid you of your worries and frustrations when it comes to your furry family member and provide training that is positive, fun and fear free. 

Peace and Paws are Puppy Training experts and are ready to help you set your puppy up for success. Puppy training is essential for all new dog owners and its never to early to get started. We guide you through the beginnings of life with your new puppy, teaching you everything you need to know to train, communicate and understand your puppy, all whilst they learn everything they need to grow into a confident, obedient, well mannered dog that loves to listen to you. All of this is easily achieved with just 15 minutes of training a day.

More than a Dog Trainer!

Dogs need to be thought more than just how to be obedient. To live in our world they need to learn;

  • How to problem solve to prevent and reduce stress and fearfulness.
  • Be provided with outlets for their normal doggy instincts to prevent and reduce boredom and frustration.
  • And mostly importantly, for us humans to understand them because if we want them to learn our language, we also need to learn theirs, thats only fare right?!

So if you are looking for more than just a dog trainer you are in the right place. At Peace and Paws, not only will you receive high quality dog training, you will have my 110% support throughout your training program and forever as part of the Peace and Paws, Paw Pack!

Hi, I'm Sarah

The picture above is my dog daughter Theia. 7 years ago Theia began going barking mad at other dogs, to the point of aggressive. Life with her was a struggle and I had know idea how to deal with it. This started my education in canine behaviour, training and physiology. Through education and training, life with Theia became easier and easier over time, turning her into a whole new dog. This achievement and education gave me the passion for dog training and I wanted to make it my mission to help other dog owners with their doggie struggles. I know very well what it is like to stress and worry and feel like you’re the only owner with doggy struggles. That why I strive to be the dog trainer I wish I had during those tough times. Every dog owner has experienced struggles with their dogs, but is doesn't have to be that way. Our professional, friendly, none judgemental service will help your dog be the best dog they can be. 


Thank you so much to the lovely Sarah from @peaceandpaws__dogtraining for helping @rockystenson to learn how to walk without pulling. I couldn’t recommend Sarah any higher to anyone who needs help with their bow wows.